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Established 1988


Founded in 1988, the ENS is a non-profit professional organization for Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and all Health Professionals interested in collaborative, interdisciplinary practice caring for persons with, or at risk for, endocrine disorders.     

ENS is Unique

No employees. No office space. Staffed by members who volunteer.  Funded by tax-deductible donations.

Our Purpose

To promote excellence in the art and science of Endocrine Nursing throughout the world.

Our Mission

Using Education and Research to promote the health of endocrine patients through the implementation of best nursing practices at all levels of nursing.

Our Goals

  • Support professional development and facilitate communication among endocrine nurses.
  • Provide educational forums on health topics related to endocrine disorders.
  • Support nursing research related to the care of patients with endocrine disorders.
  • Enhance interdisciplinary collaboration in patient care and research.

    Who We Are

    • 11% Doctorate Nurse (PhD, DNP)
    • 52% Nurse Practitioner
    • 95% RN/BSN
    • 5%   Allied Health
    • 60% Prescribe
    • 5%   International
    • 99% Educate

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