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Betsy Love McClung Endocrine Nurse Development Award

2017: Andrew Dwyer PhD, FNP-BC

2018: Margaret Eckert-Norton PhD, FNP-BC, CDE

2019: Karen J. P. Liebert RN, BSN



Past Grants & Awards

2020 Awards.pdf



* Quality of Life in Children with Cushing’s Syndrome Before and After Treatment  Margaret Keil

* Quality of Life Changes in Participants of the SEISMIC Extension Trial in the Treatment of Signs and Symptoms of Endogenous Cushing’s Syndrome  Daphne Adelman



* Ulcer Healing and Recurrence: A Comparison of MD and NP practice  Carol Gramse

* Health-related Quality of Life in Diabetics following Vascular Surgery  Carol Gramse

* The incidence of Unaddressed Hyperglycemia in In-patients  Bridget Recker

* The Socio-Cultural Influences and Process of Living with Diabetes for the Migrant Latino Adult    Dawn Weiler

* Patterns of Self-Care Decision Making in Women of African Descent with Type 2 Diabetes Living in Urban America  Margaret Norton

* Diabetes Visit Questionnaire: A Tool for More Efficient Use of Practitioner Time         Molly Solares 

* Assessment in Diabetics with Lower Extremity Wounds  Carol Gramse



* Declining Estrogen Use in Young Women with Turner’s Syndrome  Eileen Lange

* Compliance with Estrogen Replacement Therapy in Turner Syndrome  Lori Hanton



* Evaluation of the Efficacy of Avlimil in Menopausal Women with Low Libido     Deborah Cameron



* Osteoporosis: A Community Education Project   J Morrisette & P Hubbard

* Fall Prevention & Recognition of Home Health Hazards   Patricia Via

* Outcomes of an Integrated Osteoporosis Education Program  Patricia Via

* Osteoporosis-related Health Disparities in Young Women with Spontaneous Premature Ovarian Failure  Vien Vanderhoof

* Support Group for Women with Osteoporotic Fractures-Nutritional Focus                 Betsy Love McClung

* Effects of Education on Hormone Replacement Compliance in Women with Osteoporosis    Betsy Love McClung


* Pheochromocytoma: Preoperative and Postoperative Nursing Care  Marissa Mallek



* Cognitive Mood Disorders Affecting Patients with Pituitary Disease  Tracy Benstock

* A Preliminary Study to Establish Patient Satisfaction in a Specialist Endocrine Centre with Regards to the Practical & Cosmetic Aspects of Living with Acromegaly       Margaret Roberts

* Time Saving Self or Partner Administration of Lanreotide in Acromegalic Patients: Results from the Salsa Study  Daphne Adelman

* Management of Adverse Events in Patients with Acromegaly Treated with              Pasireotide LAR   Daphne Adelman & Chris Yedinak

* An Unusual Case of Acromegaly  Margaret Roberts


PITUITARY—Growth Hormone Deficient

* Titration of GH Replacement in GH Deficient Adults   M Miller, M Cook

* The National Cooperative Metabolic Study (NCMS): a Contemporary Study of AGHD & it’s Treatment   Fran Waite


* Creation & Collection of Stories about Premature Ovarian Failure  Catherine Corp

* Implementing a Computerized Education Program for Hypogonadal Men Requiring Androgen Replacement  Marge Ewertz

* Serum Inhibin as an Additional Marker for Trophoblastic Disease-A Case Study  Pamela Mammers

* Testosterone Replacement in Practice: Are We Giving Enough?  Rachel Smith

* Induction of Spermatogenesis in Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism: Time Course to Paternity  Sandra van der Westhuizen

* Unheard Voices:  The Experience and Illness Perceptions of Women with Kallmann Syndrome   Andrew Dwyer



* Patient Confidence in rhTSH-mediated testing-Thyroid Cancer  Marge Ewertz

* Prevalence and Risk of Side-effects Following Radioactive Iodine (131-I) Treatment for Thyroid Cancer  Rebecca Qualey

* Case Report: Management of an Inoperable Goiter with Mediastinal Extension         with I-131    Debra Greenspan


* Medication Mixing Errors by Patients in the Outpatient Setting  Molly Solares

* Appropriate Utilization of a Symptom Scale Leads to an Accurate and Safe 48-hour Fast  Sonja Preston

* Lispro Insulin vs Regular Insulin for GH Stimulation Testing  Marie Cook



* Quality of Life in Veteran Men with Osteoporosis  Patricia Via

* Long term Adherence to Osteoporosis Treatment with Bisphosphonates in Men  Valentina Petkov

* Screening Men for Osteoporosis by Heel Ultrasound Bone Densitometry        Valentina Petkov

* The Health Promotion Model and Rare Disease Patients: A Mixed Methods Study Examining Adherence to Treatment in Men with CHH  Andrew Dwyer



* An Intervention Program Significantly Improves the precision of Linear Growth Measurement in Primary Care Practices  Fran Waite

* Supportive Nursing  Care in the Management of Two Siblings with Non-Classical CYP11B1 Deficiency Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia  Stephanie Ward

* Comparison of the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children to a Self-report Questionnaire in Screening for Anxiety and Depression in Children with Cushing's Syndrome  Margaret Keil

* Multi-Site Study of Divorce Co-parenting for Children with Type 1 Diabetes         Leesa McBroom

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