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        Past Presidents


1990-1993 Teresa Choate Loriaux, Oregon

1993-1994 Carmen Ayala

1994-1996 Betsy Love McClung, Oregon

1996-1998 Judith Overdorf, New York

1998-2000 Linda Pachuki Hyde, Wisconsin

2000-2002 Marie Cook, Oregon

2003-2004 Joanne Swenson,  Massachusetts

2004-2006 Marge Evertz, Maryland

2006-2008 Michel Martin, Minnesota

2008-2010 Lynne Coppolo, New York

2010-2012 Saundra Hendricks, Texas

2012-2014 Margaret Eckert-Norton, New York

2014-2016 Michelle Gurel, Massachusetts

2016-2018 Joan Damon Simon, Texas

2018-2020 Christine Yedinak, Oregon

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