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Established 1988

Betsy Love McClung
Endocrine Nurse Development Award


      • 2 year ENS membership
      • $3,000 travel and expenses to attend ENS Symposium
      • Applications reviewed by Betsy's family
      • Present your paper at ENS annual symposium


      • Must be an Endocrine Nurse (Current Board members excluded)

      • Member in good standing  

      • New member applications accepted along with award application plus a commitment for a further 2 years of membership if an award recipient
      • An individual who has made an outstanding contribution to endocrine nursing 
      • Development of a continuing education program for endocrine nurses, patients or community 
      • Endocrine nursing research (submit abstract) as principle or co-investigator
      • Endocrine nursing publications (submit articles)
      • Outstanding contribution to clinical care Quality Improvement (submit detailed description -3-page limit)

SUBMIT TO                                    DEADLINE   July 1st annually

APPLICATION FORM   Betsy Love McClung Award Application.pdf

Betsy Claire (Williams) Love McClung RN, MN     

December 14, 1942 – September 10, 2015

Betsy was a native Oregonian, born in the town of Bend, raised between Oregon and Washington State, educated as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon School of Nursing and as a post graduate at Oregon Health & Science University.  She undertook her master’s degree as the mother of 2 children while coordinating educational activities for clinic nurses at the University Hospital in Portland. In the mid 1980’s she co-founded and served as associate director of the Oregon Osteoporosis Center in Portland alongside Dr. Michael McClung.

Betsy was a founding member of the Endocrine Nurses Society and the first Education Chair for the inaugural nurse symposium in 1991.  This was held in Washington DC in conjunction with the 73rd annual meeting of the Endocrine Society.  She served as President of the Endocrine Nurses Society, on the Executive Board of Trustees of The North American Menopause Society, and on the Board of Directors for The Paget Foundation.  She created, and for 20 years chaired, the Annual Meeting Highlights at the American Society for Bone & Mineral Research.

She was passionate about managing patients with osteoporosis and authored several book chapters and numerous scientific publications.  She was an inspired educator and presenter with a quick intellect, who was known nationally and internationally.  

Betsy is remembered for her humanity, her optimism, her contribution to the education of patients and care providers and for her amazing smile.  Betsy Love McCLung embodied leadership, scholarship, vision, enthusiasm, courage and determination to extend the knowledge and role of endocrine nursing, particularly in the care of patients with osteoporosis. 

The vision of the Endocrine Nurses Society is to “promote excellence in the clinical care of patients through advancement of the science and art of endocrine nursing”.  This vision is exemplified by Betsy Love McClung.

This scholarship, supported by the generosity of Dr. Michael McClung and family, is to be awarded to an endocrine nurse who demonstrates these qualities, an individual who continues to lead the development of endocrine nursing knowledge and contribute to the art and science of the care of patients with endocrine disorders.

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