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Meet our Immediate Past President - Dr. Chris Yedinak

DNP, FNP-BC, MN, RN, grad DipEd.

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, 

N.W. Pituitary Center, Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland OR. 

Dr. Yedinak is a board-certified practitioner providing clinical diagnosis and chronic management to patients with pituitary and adrenal dysfunction for 15 +years.

Chris completed undergraduate training in Australia and post graduate and Doctoral Studies at Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland Oregon.  She also holds a post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education University of Southern Queensland, Australia.  

Her ongoing clinical research is focused on outcome studies in pituitary diseases. She has authored multiple peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and is co-editor of the first Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing textbook. She has presented at scientific meetings worldwide.

Dr Yedinak is the President of the Endocrine Nurses Association USA (2018-2022) and is co- founder and President of the Federation of International Nurses in Endocrinology (F.I.N.E).

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